How do I decide where to direct my gifts?

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, visit TAGD.Princeton.edu and you will have the option to give to the Athletics Friends Group(s) ("AFG") of your choice, or make a donation to the Princeton Varsity Club ("PVC").

What do my gifts fund?

The 18 co-ed varsity AFG's provide essential sport-specific funding to the 38 varsity teams to help maintain a competitive advantage. The PVC provides support/funding to all varsity sports' student-athletes to enhance their overall experience. You can read more about the two groups online at www.GoPrincetonTigers.com

Where do gifts go? Will 100% of my gift go to my designated area?

Your decision! Donors are encouraged to support one or more AFG and PVC. Yes, 100% of your gift will go to the group(s) you have selected.

When do I need to give for my gift to be counted toward Tiger Athletics Give Day ("TAGD") challenges?

All gifts submitted online or over the phone must be received on Tuesday, November 28th between the hours of 12:00am - 11:59pm EST to be included in the TAGD competition. Transactions completed after midnight will not be counted towards the competition, but will still benefit our Athletics Friends Groups and Tiger student-athletes in the same manner.

How can I make my gift?

Make a gift online by visiting TAGD.Princeton.edu or over the phone at 609-986-TAGD (8243) on November 28th. Our TAGD call center will be open from 9:00 a.m. -11:59 p.m. EST. All gifts are fully tax-deductible.

Unless arranged in advance as part of a Team Challenge Fund ($5,000+; contact Jeff Ballen at jballen@princeton.edu to arrange), we unfortunately cannot accept gifts on the day by donor advised fund, stock transfer, wire transfer or check and have count in the TAGD competitions (only dollars 100% received are reflected in the leaderboards). Any such gifts initiated and arriving after the fact are very much appreciated and still benefit our Athletics Friends Groups and Tiger student-athletes

Is there a minimum/maximum gift amount?

Yes, there is a gift minimum of $20 to each AFG on TAGD to be reflected in the donor counts. Gifts under the $20 threshold will not be counted in an AFG’s donor count, but will be assessed gift credit and be counted in the respective AFG or PVC dollar total, and still directly benefit those groups.

No, there is no gift maximum on TAGD. The largest single credit card gift allowable by the website is $99,000, but multiple gifts totaling over $99,000 can be made.

Does my gift count towards Annual Giving?

No, your gift only counts towards the AFG that you support or the PVC. We encourage you to continue supporting Annual Giving, which provides critical support to our student-athletes’ overall undergraduate experience in so many important ways. You can learn more by visiting http://giving.princeton.edu/ag.

Am I able to make multiple gifts to a single AFG on TAGD?

Multiple gifts to a single AFG under the same donor will only register as a single gift as it relates to the Total Number of Donors for that AFG. However, all dollars pledged across those multiple gifts will be captured in that AFG's Total Dollars Raised.

Am I able to give to more than one AFG on TAGD?

If an individual wants to give to several AFG on TAGD (e.g., 18 gifts of $20 to each AFG), that registers as 18 gifts and adds one donor and $20 to each AFG’s respective totals.

If I make two separate gifts totaling $20, will I count in the Total Donor Count?

For a gift to count toward the Total Number of Donors, the transaction must be of $20+ in value. If the same donor makes two separate gifts totaling $20 across two groups (AFGs or PVC), the donations will not contribute to the Total Number of Donors count as they do not reach the $20 threshold for any one group. The gifts will be captured in the Dollars Raised metrics for each respective group.


Each Athletics Friends Group that exceeds their respective “total dollars raised” historical average in this Year No. 10 will receive a fixed amount of PVC bonus funds. These dollars raised targets represent the Friends Groups’ average across the first nine years of TAGD (FY15-FY23).

Will live results be available during Tiger Athletics Give Day NOVEMBER 28TH?

Yes! Similar to years past, live leaderboards will be available on TAGD.Princeton.edu. The leaderboards will reflect overall department totals, as well as specific AFG and PVC results specific to each competition. Results will be updated every 15 minutes on date.

Do Gifts to the PVC contribute to the overall grand totals?

Yes! All gifts to the PVC will be counted in the cumulative donor and dollars raised totals. The PVC will not be eligible for Bonus Funds as part of the Total Donors and Total Dollars Raised (by Athletics Friends Group) competitions.

If I give $5,000 to AFGs on TAGD, do I become a PVC Lifetime Member?

No, to qualify for a Lifetime Membership, only $5,000 gifts to the PVC on TAGD will qualify.

What are the benefits of becoming a PVC Lifetime Member?

As a PVC Lifetime Member, you will receive PVC annual membership for life, including event invitations, special recognition at PVC events and on PVC publications and much more. You will also be recognized on the PVC Lifetime Membership Donor Wall in the Andrew J. Conner ’62 Lounge in Jadwin Gym. Click here to view the complete list of our nearly 380 current Lifetime members, or to learn more

Are Corporate Matching Gifts able to be counted in TAGD totals?

We encourage corporate matching gifts, but are unable to process as part of the TAGD totals on November 28th. The corporate matching gifts will be directed to the assigned AFG following TAGD.

Can I donate in advance? What are Challenge Funds?

We can accept gifts of $5,000 or above as part of TAGD in advance of November 28th. Challenge funds are TAGD gifts that start at $5,000, can be given in advance of November 28th, and can serve to inspire others to participate on the day of. Challenge funds can be given in several ways – including by donor advised fund, gifts of stock, wire transfer, check by mail, and more. Please contact Jeff Ballen (jballen@princeton.edu) if interested in making a challenge fund gift.

Will dollars associated with a Team Challenge be included in an AFG's Total Dollars Raised?

If the donor offering the Team Challenge is able to submit their challenge gift via the above conditions (i.e., credit card payment, check) by November 28th, the dollars will be counted to that AFG's Total Dollars Raised. If received after November 28th, the gift will not count toward the TAGD totals.

Can I make a gift to a club sport or non-varsity group on TAGD?

Yes! You can make a gift online through the Athletics Giving website to a club sport or Campus Recreation at any time. Non-varsity teams are not included as part of the official leaderboards on the TAGD website nor are they eligible for PVC Bonus Funds, but they can certainly accept gifts as part of National Giving Tuesday.

What if I already donated to an AFG or the PVC this fiscal YEAR 2024 (JULY 1, 2023 - JUNE 30, 2024)?

We thank you very much for your past gift! You have helped Princeton Athletics get off to a strong fundraising start this fall. If you'd like to donate again on TAGD, you will play an important role in helping us reach our annual goal.

Who counts as a donor on TAGD? What if both my partner/spouse and I would like to donate, can we split our gift between us and both get credit?

On TAGD each transaction will count as one donor for competition count purposes. Individuals must complete their own independent gift transaction to count as a donor and cannot give on behalf of someone else without their consent. There is no option to split your gift credit between your partner/spouse that day.

Am I permitted to solicit gifts or promote sport-specific participation through external associations?

An AFG may not encourage or promote donations to a single sport through an organization or association unrelated to that specific sport (i.e., general alumni associations, etc.).

Are AFG and/or teams permitted to reach out directly to AFG members on November 28th to encourage participation?

Yes! AFG's and/or teams are encouraged to promote participation amongst their AFG members as they see fit on TAGD. The Athletic Department administration will not provide any real-time donor participation reports to align with any specific AFG donor outreach initiatives.

How can I help TAGD succeed?

We know that there are many organizations in need of support this year, and if you are able, appreciate any support you provide to Princeton Athletics. Additionally, we encourage you to promote TAGD and share on social media using the hashtag #TAGD.


Any gift over $250 on TAGD will receive a hard copy acknowledgement. The default for all other gifts will be no acknowledgment unless the donor selects to receive a hard copy acknowledgement on the online giving page. All gifts made on TAGD will receive an email confirmation to the email address provided by the donor.