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SAVE THE DATE - TAGD returns December 3, 2019

Education through Athletics

Tiger Nation,

We are extremely excited to announce that Tiger Athletics Give Day (#TAGD) will return on Tuesday, December 3, 2019!

TAGD has yielded fierce and spirited competition amongst our 37 varsity teams and 17 Athletics Friends Groups over the past five years, and served as a tremendous fundraising vehicle for the Department of Athletics. Thanks to the generous contributions from the Princeton Varsity Club Board of Directors, Bonus Funds will continue to be at stake across several unique competitions, helping to spur excitement through the midnight hour.

The first five years of TAGD have been incredible successes - more gifts were received on each of these days than any other day in Princeton history. Last year alone yielded a record $2.7 million in gifts from more than 8,600 donors! The response to our call for support has been overwhelmingly positive, and every student-athlete has been directly impacted by the money raised. These gifts have helped fund initiatives such as locker room upgrades, international and out-of-region team travel, and advancements in student-athlete resources, to name a few. TAGD has contributed to significant year-over-year increases in dollars raised and donor engagement, and we look to continue this success on December 3rd.

Your generosity has and will continue to provide our Princeton varsity student-athletes with even greater opportunities to ACHIEVE, to SERVE and to LEAD and ensure that our Tiger programs are able to compete at the highest level. We sincerely appreciate everything that you do to support Princeton Athletics, and hope you will “Tiger Up” and make a gift on Tiger Athletics Give Day.

37 Varsity Teams. 17 Athletics Friends Groups. 1 Princeton Varsity Club. ONE Princeton Athletics Family.


With great appreciation,


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