Official 2016 results can be viewed below. TAGD returns on Tuesday, November 28, 2017!

Total Number of Donors (OFFICIAL 2016 RESULTS)

Three brackets have been created to allow for competition between Athletics Friends Groups of similar sizes. The top 2-3 finishers in each bracket will qualify to receive bonus funds. A total of $95,000 of bonus funds are in play across the three brackets. Data will refresh approximately every 15 minutes.

Total Dollars Raised (OFFICIAL 2016 RESULTS)

If the Department of Athletics collectively secures gifts from 5,000 donors, then an additional pool of $80,000 worth of bonus funds will be released. Each Athletics Friends Group will receive a payout based on the percentage of total dollars raised by their group on Tiger Athletics Give Day.

PVC Lifetime Challenge (OFFICIAL 2016 RESULTS)

The Princeton Varsity Club (PVC) will be focusing on a lifetime membership challenge on Tiger Athletics Give Day and will not compete in the other set challenges. The PVC will receive a $20,000 bonus if it secures 20 or more new lifetime members on Tiger Athletics Give Day.